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The word ama is associated with the words "mother" and "love" in many languages.
It is often the first sound babies make as they begin to express themselves vocally.
It is a simple sound that we love.

ama makes children's products focused around the bedtime ritual. Being with our children at bedtime and cozy moments is what we find most inspiring.

ama was founded in 2013 by Lena Wells, while she and her family were living in London.

The idea behind ama's luxury baby blankets came from Lena's desire to create a quality product which is visually captivating and would have permanence as well as future nostalgia for its recipient.

Lena has worked in fashion for over 18 years in Europe and New York and longed to make products that would transcend fashion and flash trends.

To do this she worked with a centuries old mill in Scotland to create the strongest, softest and most luxurious blankets on the market today.

 The blankets are made of the highest quality Extra-Fine Merino wool yarns, imported from one of Italy's leading spinners. They are woven in Scotland on fine jacquard machines that have quality comparable to few.

It is our desire to create a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Something to be cherished all their lives.